#londonriots – a quick message from the front line

Just got home. Injured again. Some scrotes threw breeze blocks at us, managed to shatter my shield and take out my leg. Shit scary last night. We thought we were actually going to die there. Multiple buildings burned down, tens if not a hundred businesses looted, people evacuated from their homes. Police cars attacked and burned, officers hospitalised – just in ****…

No back-up across the whole of London as every single officer in the Met was deployed. We eventually had to withdraw and let them take the town – couldn’t even get the fire brigade in to help until the early hours. I’ve never seen anything remotely like it…

I am totally freaked out. And I’m knackered. It was terrifying.

The hatred was real. They wanted to get us, plain and simple. Throwing concrete slabs through the windscreen of moving police cars is nothing else than pure hatred…

Gutted I’m going to be invalided so won’t be there to help out my colleagues this evening.

I take back what I said about comparisons with other professions. And apologise. In full. This man and his team deserve a medal.

2 Responses to “#londonriots – a quick message from the front line”

  1. 1 Electro-Kevin
    9 August, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    What of ordinary people taking the same shit ? Do they get medals ?

    Sorry. But the Metropolitan Police facilitated Political Correctness in taking such a firm hold and the rank-&-file did not resist when they should have done against being called ‘institutionally racist’. In fact no other organisation has been more instrumental in the march of this insidious and corrosive phenomenon.

    They have left us all exposed. We’re all shit scared of standing up to black kids now.

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